Hair Salon Solutions ; the tool to change hairdresser’s lives !


Hair Salon Solutions is a service which is going to make a lot of people’s lives much easier.

This Australian site, aimed at professional
hairdressers, is ideal for managing all accountancy related day-to-day problems. This support service manages a huge range of problems, and is even able to set up a marketing strategy. How perfect is that?!

No more paperwork; from now on everything is digitalized and grouped together on the same platform.

Hairdressing professionals are freed up to focus on their core activity – much more enjoyable!

The NewQuest Australian team has worked on making the WordPress siteergonomic and user-friendly. In view of the activity of the site the objective was clear: lighten the load for hairdressing professionals.

The whole layout started with the logo…we were looking for consistency with a page layout which reflected the activity. The main colors used are natural shades close to dark brown or auburn.

The graphic designers have laid out the elements in blocks, in the same spirit as the logo, using gaps to give a more spacious and artistic design.

The home page opens with a large slider showing hairdressers, as well as several pictograms making the platform user-friendly with easy to understand features: time saving, economical, easy to use…you have everything to gain.

The NewQuest team has also taken special care over the questionnaire with the same aim of providing support to professional hairdressers.

The results are easy to see. You access information as easily as if you had an assistant, and the data is much more qualitative. Practical, don’t you think? The platform recognizes your needs so you’re guaranteed a fully adapted solution.

The site is responsive for navigation adapted to all devices.

MSF – Child health in Mali

Providing medical assistance on a daily basis to populations whose lives or health is under threat: armed conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, exclusion from healthcare or malnutrition, wherever the solution requires medical resources and logistic solutions, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is at their side.

Independent of all political, military or religious authorities, MSF is an association which provides assistance to underprivileged populations thanks to private donations.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) contacted our agency NewQuest Australia, with the aim of raising awareness of malnutrition in the south of Mali.

Today, we are proud to present the result, a 100% responsive three format website, designed to tell the story of three children taken care of by teams from MSF, as well as having many other features enabling people to follow all the work and developments of MSF in Mali as they happen.

The home page opens on a wide slider, an autoplay video which presents the site and what comes next. By scrolling with the mouse and thanks to the use of AJAX technology, you immediately find yourself in the heart of the world of MSF and the care they give.


The originality is horizontal scrolling leading to smoother reading and making us want to know more about Youssouf, Tiemoko and Fatoumata, 3 children MSF looked after for a week and whose story is at the heart of the site.

Each story is presented like a mini-site, offering a wide variety of content: a map showing which center the child is treated in, high quality video to load or on autoplay, texts and animations on mouse-over.

For example, we learn that Youssouf, aged 7 months from Bouba in Mali has been diagnosed with a severe pulmonary infection. The MSF teams are taking care of him in the Koutiala Hospital Centre where he has received the necessary treatment.

The Live News page uses a technique specially developed by NewQuest which makes it possible to combine all the tweets about the health of the children in Mali (Child Health Mali)on the same page: also all the tweets which mention the hashtag #CHmali are grouped together on this Live News page interspersed with articles from blogs.

Thanks to this development it is possible to respond straight from this page or to retweet any message you select.

Lastly, the Gallery page displays a wide range of photos and videos sent directly from Doctors Without Borders in Mali. By using the top right button, you can filter the content and choose to display only the photos or the videos sorted by year.

A fine achievement by our Sydney agency much appreciated by the Communication Manager! :)

Not forgetting the special mention on the awwwards site!




Timefy : The new website for urban watch lovers


In 2009 this website offering contemporary design watches, was the first to be set up in its field. It quickly became the leading e-retailer in online watch sales in France..

Over the two years following the launch of Timefy, the site shot to the number 1 slot and the  community also grew to 10 000 fans in just 2 years, building a strong reputation in the sector.

People like the watches … and the site too!

In 2011, to keep right up to date, the site went through a major design shift; more streamlined and lighter, with a striking product presentation at the heart of the site. Above all, it was the beginning of new technical prowess with innovative features such as faceted search, a WordPress blog directly linked to Prestashop (yeah, really awesome back then :)) optimized filter options, all crafted to simplify searches from the home page on.

Now in 2016, we’re happy to present the V3 of Timefy, once again developed to follow both technical and design trends.

Here we go….

We’ve kept the streamlined look of the site while adding small touches of color to rank information and draw the eye to the key elements. Navigation is enhanced by contrasting typefaces. We have also used color ranking to make the blog and sales items stand out from other categories. The search box is still in the same place but simpler.

The major innovation? With the version 1.6 of PrestaShop, Timefy becomes 100% responsive design with simplified navigation for all devices.

On the homepage, social networks are blended into the home page: the latest photos posted on Instagram are reposted here, with the latest tweets and photos which you can click on to be redirected to the appropriate social networking site.


« Push » campaigns are managed by the e-retailer, who can display what he wants, where he wants. The product data sheets show large photos taken from every angle, customer reviews are in prime position whereas a few years ago they weren’t featured.

And as you’ve come to expect, the special touch from the NewQuest Team – a small clock in the top right of the header… telling you the time. What else from a site selling watches?!

0cm, it’s the event not-to-be-missed for up-market shopping online



You don’t have the time or the opportunity to wander around the shops ? 0cm is a e-commerce site for clothes, shoes and accessories. You will find top-quality brands  and, the cherry on the cake, all the products displayed are at slashed prices.

It’s the ideal moment to fill up your wardrobe and to be ready for the warmer days. The site doesn’t leave anyone out and also has the necessary to please men and children.

You will be able to spoil all the family by choosing top brand items, without breaking the bank !

0cm, so where does this name come from?! Well, simply because you are 0 cms from the best bargains !

The desire of the graphic team was to simplify online browsing as much as possible. The home page suggests to enter directly into the section which corresponds to you. The menu is composed of only 3 categories, Women / Men / Children, to enable you to find the sought-after product as quickly as possible.

The site is streamlined and the navigation path is very clear. You won’t be intentionally drowned in information, like on certain sites, so you can get straight to the to the heart of the matter!

And imagine that you have closed a page by mistake, don’t panic, the site will have memorized that you are consulting womenswearand will automatically redirect you to the women’s section! Everything is designed to help you spend an enjoyable moment while optimizing your time…

Each day, one item is put on a special day offer with  discounts of up to  -90%. The presentation of the menu enables it to be highlighted in the slider bar.

If your wishlist item is no longer available or hasn’t appeared yet, discover the function « follow a brand ». You will receive an alert as soon as the brand is on special day offer or if there are new items to show you. You don’t need to check every day, you only have to wait until the model desired is presented to you!

NewQuest has paid particular attention to the creation of this e-commerce site and has designed a graphic identity corresponding to the image of the items offered. Let us explain… the colour codes of luxury are predominant. Therefore you will find, alternately, from white to black and a logo in gold of course ;).

The white background enhances the items and facilitates easy reading. The photos are refined and worthy of the best photographers.

And finally, the typology used is  very fine and there, too, brings a delicate touch to correspond as closely as possible to the high-end range positioning of 0cm.

A special feature is that you can enter the site by brand, and a whole page is dedicated to this. The presentation is immaculate, the pictures inspire desire and a video even shows the backstages of photo shoots ! How can we not want to buy everything with these tempting visuals?!

If you are not a big fan of browsing on computers, the site is also available in a shoperized version. Visit the site on a tablet, the Ipad version is really stunning !

Transform your Food-Truck or your restaurant into a connected restaurant thanks to Food-Commerce from NewQuest !


It is common knowledge that, if there is one field where France is recognized, it is the food business. It is clear that nothing has really been done to allow restaurant owners to transform their establishment into a connected restaurant… Fortunately, we have thought about this and NewQuest propose you discover our solution to transform your restaurant into a connected restaurant.

No more useless websites or poorly utilized social networks: we will help you to do Food-Commerce !

We have in fact created a total solution, based on PrestaShop, allowing your customers to order their meals on-line, to pay for them, and to pick them up at the counter.

It’s so simple that it can be summed up in a few steps :

  • Your customer goes onto your website and creates his account,
  • He selects in a few clicks, places his order and pays via Paypal or  by credit card,
  • Then, he comes leisurely to pick up his order at your counter !


No more queues or compulsory reservations, also no more customers distraught about contents of the menu !


Everything is simple, flexible and efficient and has been conceived to allow you to gain a foothold in going digital in a proactive manner with resulting additional sales and customers.

The restaurant side is optimized too:

  • Once the order is confirmed, in the kitchen you will receive (on a screen and/or on a printer whatever suits you best) instantly as soon as it is validated by your customer.
  • You can manage the totality of your orders and your customers on your on-line control panel.
  • You will have all the customer’s receipts to be able to give the precious package to the customer who comes to collect it from your establishment.

We have conceived a complete package going from the on-line right up to the material to be installed within your restaurant and thus we can adapt the system in relation to the size of your restaurant, its functioning and the number of place settings.

Therefore, you can very easily update your menu, your offer, time limits for reservation, your opening hours and (even better) for all of your sales outlets. Because, of course, it is possible to manage several shops with the solution and to leave the choice up to the customer of which pick-up point he prefers to collect his order from.

Like this you will have an on-line reservation site completely connected to your counter and to your kitchen which allows you, of course, to also present your establishment, its activities, your values and your team… Nothing so simple, effective or revolutionary has been seen since Willi Waller in 2006 !

We are thus capable of equipping a Food Truck to enable it to receive its reservations in a fully autonomous manner like a brasserie with several screens and printers with tickets in the kitchen.

We can equip your restaurant like this:

  • With a connected screen listing the orders to be treated,
  • With a connected printer directly  transmitting to the kitchen the orders to be prepared and the details of each order and without any action necessary on your part,
  • With a loyalty card reader,
  • If required, with a Wi-Fi 4G spot to enable your order/reservation platform to transmit your orders directly to the kitchen.

Very simple to implement we have all the equipment necessary to carry out the installation in a few hours or days depending on the installation and the material you wish to use.


So we need electricity, Wi-Fi (and we can even supply this thanks to a built-in 4G spot in our console), a logo and a domain name and we are capable of  deploying your system of reservations and orders on line within the month (it’s not the same thing as the phoney offers in the Yellow Pages, isn’t it?).

That’s not all, as when the solution is installed, customers who have placed an order can then:

  • Leave and share an opinion on the site and on the social networks.
  • In the case of a mobile restaurants or Food Trucks, receive an email indicating your location for his order.
  • Receive automatically the menu of the week, of the day or for the following day.
  • Receive an SMS alert confirming that his order has been registered and then indicating when it is ready.

Naturally and notably thanks to Shoperize, your customers can order on-line using computers, tablets or Smartphones (And why not, in the future, plan alerts on Apple Watch!).

In addition, we have prepared very detailed statistics on the behavior of the stomachs of the members of NewQuest (yes, yes we have!…) and it is clear that, from 11 a.m. on, these remind the team that it is high time to decide as quickly as possible “what we’re having for lunch” (and, yes, we’re getting hungry!): this is even the subject of discussions on Skype or on Google Doc dedicated to and set up collective orders…

Finally, it is already possible to order on-line… at Mc Donald’s!

We have therefore placed great importance on making available, to any restaurant owner or Food Truck, this type of technology and on giving them the opportunity to do Food-Commerce on-line (Isn’t that a great plan for the conquest of the culinary world?…).

From now on, any customer, for instance, one of the members of NewQuest, can place an order that you will receive directly in the kitchen…


And if after all that, you are thinking about other needs or features, you should know that we offer other even more advanced features (oh yeah, we weren’t going to let you go like that! ) for example:

  • The Cashless and the possibility of ordering using pre-paid credits.
  • The making of collective orders for these famished teams but which still allow the preparation of individually processed orders.
  • Allowing for allergies: to specify what you are intolerant to and the products which include these ingredients will be specified.
  • A record of what you have previously ordered enabling you to discover a new dish each time you order.
  • Easy and intuitive search tool for the customer with original filters like “you have already tried”
  • Payment by luncheon vouchers and other various different means of payment.

We will soon be presenting you with the first pilot restaurants and Food-Trucks pilots and we will make a little report on them to show you how all this works in the style “This is not rocket science”!

And all of this:

  • Without commission on your sales,
  • Without being dependent as your web site belongs to you,
  • With the guarantee of attracting people to your establishment during this period where competition in “delivery to your door” is fierce…
  • And with a single purchase cost and then a monthly fee for the use of equipment and the hosting like for a completely normal or classic website.

If you would like to know more about our solutions for connected restaurants and the possibility for you to do Food-Commerce, don’t hesitate to contact us !

A Prestashop module for Elastic Search : NewQuest did it !


A little tech break to talk to you about Elastic Search, and more especially about the Prestashop module for Elastic Search, which our team has designed all by its little self and which your online store has eagerly been waiting for !

First of all, to understand the subject better and to satisfy the audience already waiting on the edge of their seats, what is Elastic Search ?

Yes, indeed, this is a question well worth asking!

To put it simply, this open source solution is (according to its site) like an Open Source search engine and a performance analysis engine which is super “scalable“, super “adaptable“…

In a nutshell, this solution is capable of finding the keys in your pocket, in your wife’s handbag or even better, in the kids’ bedroom, blindfolded…

Elastic Search is therefore an indexing and search solution in your data base and its contents, all independently of the activity of your website and its server, thus offering:

  • Better response times by relieving your data base from indexation and search tasks,
  •  An added “intelligence” to your search with the capacity to provide close correspondences, to do spelling corrections even of related researches,
  • A management of adjustments specific to your search by excluding results by using shortcuts,
  • A capacity for search and management of a great amount of data by resisting the restrictions coming from your data base,
  • The possibility to search through several sources of data, which is extremely useful when we know that a CMS editorial (like WordPress for example) is systematically attached to an E-commerce platform.

Besides, we think, at this moment, that any self-respecting technician who dreads the question coming from his client “Can we not have the results from the blog and from the shop in the same search?” Adding “It can’t be too complicated, can it?” (At this point you already know you’re getting off to a bad start…)

  • The possibility of delegating the faceted browsing of a retail website to Elastic Search, and, when we know to what extent this can be demanding on resources on a web store, it is maybe a detail for you but to us …it means a lot…

If, after these considerations you are still not convinced or at least intrigued, no use delaying your To Do list further by reading this article. Otherwise …Let’s go on…

Here are a few figures and performance indicators :

  • Response times can be up to 10 times faster than the embedded search of a retail website,
  • A reduction of at least 30% of the load on the machine caused by the search,
  • An indexation capacity of several thousands of products without crashing the site during the indexation (admit that you have experienced this before…).

It is true that if the results and the advantages given by Elastic Search are simple and clear, as for its implementation this is less straightforward…

And for this, my dear, we need :

  • (Very) good admin systems,
  • A Magento or PrestaShop module adapted to augment the search of your Web store,
  • A pleasant and motivated team to help you adjust and configured your search with the greatest care (because a good search, it’s like grandmother’s recipe, it needs hard work; it is configured and tested carefully!)

And you’re in luck! You know what?  NewQuest has all of this...(Here, you say to yourself “Heavens! This is an article for advertising purposes!!! “. We have nothing to hide, in fact … yes).


Because the NewQuest team has designed a Prestashop Elastic Search module to supplement this search solution and to maximize its potential.

By the way, one of our recent creations, the E-commerce platform of the Olympique Lyonnais football team is a very good example (especially when you know that everything functions on an Azur Cloud).

The module available for Prestashop will very soon also be available on Magento !



The strengths of Elastic Search:

  • Data in real time, it is exploitable for all types of research or analysis as soon as they are  indexed,
  • System distributed is totally scalable according to needs and the volume of the data,
  • - Broad availability of features guaranteed by clustering and data replication system,
  • - A Full-text search based on the Apache Lucene engine, numerous filtering features are provided (geolocation, auto-completion, multilingual, suggestions etc…),
  • Document oriented, no complex data schema but only definitions of data type,
  • Numerous modules made available through the community able to provide very powerful analysis tools and logs.


The advantages of Elastic Search for E-commerce?

The needs of an E-commerce site are concentrated on the search for products, Elastic Search will index the entirety of the products offered by the brands, the tree view of the web site and even the editorial content.


Indispensable features are provided by Elastic Search:

  • Auto-completion, auto-suggestion and instant search,
  • Control of spelling approximations and a dictionary of synonyms made available,
  • Customizable weighting of search criteria,
  • Faceted browsing and high-performance and sophisticated filtering system,
  • Excellent performance, reduced page loading time.

A powerful complement for Prestashop :

The faceted browsing and search systems offered by Prestashop function very well and perform their roles perfectly, however to date it is regrettable that certain functionalities are lacking:

  • No filter on the “brand” and “search” pages,
  • No search approximation,
  • Depending on the volume of products, the loading times for the product listing can be long.

ElasticSearch will come into action on all types of “product” listings to offer the user a better browsing and search experience.

Fewer clicks and a shorter search time = a better transformation rate! The Holy Grail !!!

How can I benefit ?

Our team has developed a module for PrestaShop available from the version 1.5 and compatible with its latest version. Moreover, we make a point of continually evolving along with the solution and thus combining the two systems in the best way to offer the most optimal user experience possible.

This module is completely configurable, it enables, among other things, the setting of its filter models by product category, by brand page and even to have a one specifically for the search page.

At the same time, our team installs and parameterizes Elastic Search to couple it with the module. The indexation of your products is then completely automatic and everything functions without human intervention.

On average, a reduction of more than 20% on loading time for the main pages of your shop is awaiting you!

Just try it out and you’ll like it! If you too cannot understand why you haven’t passed over the search of your retail web site to Elastic Search don’t hesitate to contact us to install our Prestashop for Elastic Search module!

So how about getting in touch ?

Mobile-Friendly: A major Google SEO update and the solution from Shoperize!


Google’s latest update penalises non-mobile friendly sites

It’s official:
Starting April 21, the mobile friendliness of a website will be a major ranking factor in Google search results.

In other words, any time someone conducts a Google search from a smartphone or tablet, mobile-friendly websites will be listed first in the results.

Currently, a “Mobile-friendly” label is given to results whose websites will adjust to fit a smaller screen. The label appears in gray under the website’s name and URL:

This label simply lets users know what sort of display they can expect to see when they click on a result. But since navigating a non-mobile version of a website from a mobile device can be frustrating, Google will soon use this label to do more than just inform users.

By adding mobile friendliness as a criterion for mobile searches, Google is trying to put mobile users first.

What does this mean for you?

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a mobile version of your site you may see a drop in your rankings but no panic. Here is what you should do.

First, check to see if your website is mobile friendly with this test from Google Developers, created specifically for this occasion.

  • Your website is mobile friendly? Great!
  • Your website isn’t mobile friendly? No problem — we offer a simple solution that can help you establish your mobile presence.

Shoperize the best eCommerce mobile version

Shoperize is an efficient, cost-effective M-commerce alternative developed by NewQuest (Us!). It is fast, reliable, and compatible with any E-commerce platform, including Prestashop and Magento.

Slide_Shoperize2 (1)

Mobile sites powered by Shoperize feature an intelligent design based on the displays of social media interfaces.

By providing an innovative mobile shopping experience, Shoperize has helped increase customer loyalty in addition to helping clients reach new audiences. In fact, these mobile solutions have proven their effectiveness by increasing clients’ ROIs significantly during customer acquisition campaigns.

And Shoperize does all this without ever collecting commission on sales.

The changes Google will make in April are the perfect opportunity to expand your E-commerce business and offer a mobile version of your site.

Contact us to see if Shoperize could be the M-Commerce solution for you — we’d love to chat!

Beautopia: A one-stop online shop for hair and beauty professionals

Beautopia is quickly becoming Australia’s largest wholesale provider of hair and beauty products. With its large selection of brands, its competitive prices, and more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, this Australian company is qualified, knowledgeable, and committed to serving its customers.
To complement Beautopia’s thirteen retail locations, we recently helped the company transition from a simple showcase website to a fully functioning online boutique.

Our goal in crafting this new website was not only to help Beautopia take its first steps into the world of e-commerce, but also to evoke glamour, femininity, and luxury through the site’s design.

A combination of sophisticated typography and delicate backgrounds lends a certain elegance to the overall aesthetic of the site. Light, refined, and seemingly effortless, the design is undoubtedly appropriate for a company dedicated to beauty and well-being.

Large sliding images on the homepage gracefully replace one another to reveal a range of highlighted categories and products, along with descriptions of each. Alternatively, rollover animations allow users to browse these featured items at their own pace.

Below these sliding images, the homepage features several additional products, an interactive catalogue, and a store locator.Because these push displays are entirely adjustable by Beautopia, their content can be updated frequently, providing users with easy access to the newest products and deals. beautopia-catalogue-flipbook-design-2015

As a wholesale provider, Beautopia does require that an administrator verifies each customer account before transactions are approved. But after only a few simple steps, salon professionals are given full access to the wide range of brands and products available.

An efficient online store where beauty and refined taste meets a satisfying shopping experience — that’s truly what Beautopia has to offer. So if you are a hair and beauty professional looking for an easy way to stock your salon with quality products, look no further! Beautopia was made for you.

For a limited time, you can even celebrate the launch of this new online store with us by using the code BEAUTY10 to receive a discount on your first purchase! What more could you ask for?

A new eCommerce experience: create personalised jewellery with MerciMerci


This week I am going to walk you through one of our recent project, the complete branding and crafting of a new eCommerce experience: Merci Merci.
This is the perfect opportunity for once to put the spotlight on our designers who have worked hard in the shadow to bring Stephanie’s idea to live and make this concept shop an unique experience.

Discover by yourself all the small details hidden here and there on the site from the hand-crafted information icons to the customised social media, all inspired by the colourful fantasy jewellery and handmade accessories that Stephanie brings to Australia from Paris.


Merci Merci created the concept “Say it your way” which means you can fully personalise those little fantasy jewellery for a friend, a mother, a husband… Say it your way is your insurance of the perfect unique gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas… all occasions really!


Obviously the one biggest challenge for our team was to create an user-friendly way to personalise those gifts on the online store while making sure Stephanie was going to easily manage their crafting and all the pieces inventory. So we have created a fully integrated product configurator on top of Prestashop (open-source eCommerce solution). The type of tool that reveals your creativity and still allows Stephanie to run her business efficiently.
You can give it a go on Merci Merci and let us know your feedback in the comments below. You can also join the conversation and meet with Stephanie on the Merci Merci facebook page.


That’s it for this week but stay tune cause a big surprise is coming soon! Those of you that follow us on Facebook already add a hint last week ;)

The NQ team

Why responsive email template?

G’day everyone!

– “Do we need to move to a responsive email template to send out our eDM campaigns?
That’s a question we get almost everyday here at NewQuest, so I thought it was time to talk about it :)

Let’s have a look at the figures first. According to the Email Client Market Share website, 1 out of 4 emails gets opened from iPhones and if you add Android users, you get almost 40% from smartphones.


– “So what?
A survey conducted by BlueHornet on Email Marketing Consumer Behaviour showed that 70% of consumers immediately delete emails that don’t render well on their smartphone.


Basically, if you consider sending out 10,000 emails at 1 cents/email, not having a mobile version is equal to throwing away $27!

– “What should we do about it?
At NewQuest we help our clients get their message across on all devices to get maximum ROI from their eDM campaigns.


Australian Dental Association



– “What’s next?
The next step is to get your website responsive for once your subscribers click through!

Stay tuned!
The NQ Team