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0cm, it’s the event not-to-be-missed for up-market shopping online

If, for you too, the arrival of spring-time has put you in the mood for shopping, I think you will be charmed by this new site created by NewQuest.

You don’t have the time or the opportunity to wander around the shops? 0cm is a e-commerce site for clothes, shoes and accessories. You will find top-quality brands  and, the cherry on the cake, all the products displayed are at slashed prices.

It’s the ideal moment to fill up your wardrobe and to be ready for the warmer days. The site doesn’t leave anyone out and also has the necessary to please men and children.

You will be able to spoil all the family by choosing top brand items, without breaking the bank!

0cm, so where does this name come from?! Well, simply because you are 0 cms from the best bargains!


The desire of the graphic team was to simplify online browsing as much as possible. The home page suggests to enter directly into the section which corresponds to you. The menu is composed of only 3 categories, Women / Men / Children, to enable you to find the sought-after product as quickly as possible.

The site is streamlined and the navigation path is very clear. You won’t be intentionally drowned in information, like on certain sites, so you can get straight to the to the heart of the matter!

And imagine that you have closed a page by mistake, don’t panic, the site will have memorized that you are consulting womenswearand will automatically redirect you to the women’s section! Everything is designed to help you spend an enjoyable moment while optimizing your time…

Each day, one item is put on a special day offer with discounts of up to -90%. The presentation of the menu enables it to be highlighted in the slider bar.

If your wishlist item is no longer available or hasn’t appeared yet, discover the function follow a brand”. You will receive an alert as soon as the brand is on special day offer or if there are new items to show you. You don’t need to check every day, you only have to wait until the model desired is presented to you!

NewQuest has paid particular attention to the creation of this e-commerce site and has designed a graphic identity corresponding to the image of the items offered. Let us explain… the colour codes of luxury are predominant. Therefore you will find, alternately, from white to black and a logo in gold of course ;).

The white background enhances the items and facilitates easy reading. The photos are refined and worthy of the best photographers.

And finally, the typology used is  very fine and there, too, brings a delicate touch to correspond as closely as possible to the high-end range positioning of 0cm.

A special feature is that you can enter the site by brand, and a whole page is dedicated to this. The presentation is immaculate, the pictures inspire desire and a video even shows the backstages of photo shoots ! How can we not want to buy everything with these tempting visuals?!

If you are not a big fan of browsing on computers, the site is also available in a shoperized version. Visit the site on a tablet, the Ipad version is really stunning!

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