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How did “Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes” reinforce its positioning as a leading player in the world of wellness thanks to NewQuest?

A strong presence on social media is an essential element of “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes” marketing and development strategy to generate traffic. Social networks have been a vital tool in their inbound marketing strategy since 2011, but from September 2017 our team took charge of their Facebook page to put the finishing touches to this strategy and showcase the new, flagship signature unveiled a few months previously.

Our aims? Promoting the territory and the new signature by leveraging interactivity and reactivity through a page that’s lively and active 24/7, full of varied content highlighting territorial attractiveness and all their areas of expertise.

Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes


Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes”: this is the new signature of the territory surrounding the Bourget Lake, the biggest natural lake in France situated, in the Savoie-Mont-Blanc region in the French Alps. Although we’ve mentioned the lake, it’s far from being the only feature of this territory: the Savière Canal, the lakeside Abbey at Hautecombe, the “Dent du Chat” mountain overlooking the lake, the Spa at Aix les Bains or the famous “Tome de Savoie” cheese are only some of the jewels in this region’s crown.


A few months ago, all these areas joined together under the brand identity we now know: “Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes”. A territory and positioning with strong roots, united under a single brand communicating the unique characteristics of this destination; a solid foundation for our teams to enjoy building on.


Developing “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes’” visibility and reputation, raising awareness of the new signature beyond the local area, promoting all the territory’s assets and shared identity and showcasing its position as a leading player in the world of wellness: a clear, concise brief for our team, who chose to promote the new brand through grass-roots communication on social networks.

Thanks to our expertise in the digital field and a solid experience in marketing, we were able to apply our know-how and our knowledge of the territory to give “Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes” a communication plan that fits its image and meets both its needs and those of its community.


To foster engagement by fans there’s been a change of style on the social networks, lighter and more informal: talking about a territory where there’s a sense of well-being requires a different type of language and a different way of addressing the community, adding a touch of magic, of dreams but also of humor. Something to make people smile and enjoy becoming a fan of the “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes” page.


Our second mission was to identify the key words to translate the brand values, centering on the town of Aix les Bains as a major French destination for spa treatments and wellness: well-being, relaxation, letting go, release, inspiration, rest… Powerful words that you’ll find reoccurring in our communication as they’re directly linked to wellness, letting us consolidate its reputation as a must-see destination.


“Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes” offers four different worlds: nature and sport, heritage and art, wellness and the special French touchart de vivre”.

By clearly defining a precise posting schedule for social networks, we have set up effective weekly posts giving equal coverage to each different activity pole, and promoting the wide range of actions going on in the territory.  Photos, videos, articles, exclusive offers, we’ve pulled out all the stops to increase awareness of the wealth of the territory’s resources!


There are multiple events going on at “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes”: whether it be the Aix-Les-Bains market, currently competing to be voted the most attractive market in this “Rhône-Alpes” region of France, the “Grande Odyssée” international sled dog race, the “Be Fit” well-being and fitness event, or “Musilac” the lakeside pop-rock music festival, these are a few examples of the variety of events available to us to throw the spotlight on this territory.

Communication based on these events has a dual objective, on one hand putting the organizers of these well-known events center stage and giving them well-deserved recognition, and on the other, highlighting the attractiveness of the territory; this is the case, for example, for Musilac, a nationally renowned event, which every year chooses Aix-les-Bains for a 3-day festival of concerts.

Furthermore, by varying the messages and the communication medium, we’ve successfully achieved a balance between creating events in-situ and sharing publications created by the organizers themselves. An excellent way to keep in touch, to offer a new way of communicating, and of being more efficient by avoiding duplicating existing content.


In keeping with the new momentum towards “always on” we set up a daily publication to respond to the brand’s need to speak out on social media, blending reactivity with high quality content. The variety not only of the content, but also of the format of the visuals and the themes on display guarantees diversified communication.

We’ve given fans of the page a chance to savor a delicious recipe, to go back in time to discover what the town’s main drag “rue de Genève” looked like in days gone by, to see daytime and night-time views of the spa, to showcase the lakeside scenery through Sundays’ “WAOUW” feature, or to discover the town of Chanaz basking under the October sun thanks to the video series “Les petits reportages de Chloé” (Chloé’s mini documentaries).

To watch the video, click on the picture below:

Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes


Our team are justifiably proud, as the results generated by this fresh marketing and digital communication strategy have lived up to our client’s expectations.

With no advertising budget expenditure to improve the statistics but simply by reworking the content, the quality of the photos and visuals and by giving publications a lighter tone, we have significantly contributed to improving the impact of the brand.

Thus, thanks to our partnership, a comparison with the same period for the previous year shows the, la “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes’” Facebook page yielded excellent results and KPI: 

  • Number of publications: +43%
  • Number of posts shared: +81%
  • Number of likes for posts:  +33%
  • Number of fans gained: +254%
  • Reach of the publications: +57%

The number of fans is constantly increasing and the record reach of the page proves the firepower of a well-articulated Facebook communication strategy. Results which have confirmed the brand needs to offer more authentic content with a style more closely focused on the fans.

The enthusiastic reception given by fans of the page to the video sequence “Les petits reportages de Chloé” is another proof of how powerful video is in grabbing attention on social networks, in fact this was one of the big success stories of the partnership with over 35,000 views (as compared to 500 and 1,000 for the previous ones) and close to 600 shares; again, with no advertising budget.

Strong engagement and a continuous increase in the number of likes are currently still showing robust growth. This new editorial line, whether through photos of the lake or live video feeds, also owes it success to the rise in interactions. A good example is the “Capture ton lac” (Capturing the lake) competition where over 100 residents of the town of Aix les Bains sent us their most beautiful photos of the lake in winter, to try and get them published as the cover photo of the Facebook page. Our congratulations once again to Pix’Elo for the sublime photo of a jetty in the fog, which is currently the cover photo of the Facebook page. We’ve heard there’s a new competition planned for the spring… 😉

Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes


A loyal online community, proud of their territory and willing to participate: don’t you think that’s a remarkable success story for “Aix Les Bains Riviera des Alpes” and NewQuest? 🙂

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