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Beautopia: A one-stop online shop for hair and beauty professionals

Beautopia is quickly becoming Australia’s largest wholesale provider of hair and beauty products. With its large selection of brands, its competitive prices, and more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, this Australian company is qualified, knowledgeable, and committed to serving its customers.

To complement Beautopia’s thirteen retail locations, we recently helped the company transition from a simple showcase website to a fully functioning online boutique.

Our goal in crafting this new website was not only to help Beautopia take its first steps into the world of e-commerce, but also to evoke glamour, femininity, and luxury through the site’s design.

A combination of sophisticated typography and delicate backgrounds lends a certain elegance to the overall aesthetic of the site. Light, refined, and seemingly effortless, the design is undoubtedly appropriate for a company dedicated to beauty and well-being.

Large sliding images on the homepage gracefully replace one another to reveal a range of highlighted categories and products, along with descriptions of each. Alternatively, rollover animations allow users to browse these featured items at their own pace.

Below these sliding images, the homepage features several additional products, an interactive catalogue, and a store locator.Because these push displays are entirely adjustable by Beautopia, their content can be updated frequently, providing users with easy access to the newest products and deals.

As a wholesale provider, Beautopia does require that an administrator verifies each customer account before transactions are approved. But after only a few simple steps, salon professionals are given full access to the wide range of brands and products available.

An efficient online store where beauty and refined taste meets a satisfying shopping experience — that’s truly what Beautopia has to offer. So if you are a hair and beauty professional looking for an easy way to stock your salon with quality products, look no further! Beautopia was made for you.

For a limited time, you can even celebrate the launch of this new online store with us by using the code BEAUTY10 to receive a discount on your first purchase! What more could you ask for?

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