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Discover the new e-store of A.S. Monaco soccer club!

We all remember May 2017 when A.S. Monaco won the Ligue 1 trophy after a tight duel with Paris Saint-Germain. What a season! Well known for its red and white jersey (colours of the Principality of Monaco), the club is now known worldwide!

During the 2018-2019 season, A.S. Monaco has launched a brand-new e-shop, including an online store and an online ticketing platform. An e-commerce website built by the NewQuest team! Ready to discover the story?

Hello NewQuest! As soon as the game started, our team linked technical skills to creativity. In collaboration with “Alexander the Great” agency that was in charge of the design part of the website, we created a user-friendly e-shop to highlight the club and its products. Isn’t it the definition of a collective sport?

A.S. Monaco

Innovative tools

We implemented several solutions to optimize the platform which is now easy-to-use for fans and meets the needs of the club. Built on PrestaShop 1.6, this e-shop highlights NewQuest’s expertise.

We used different innovative tools for this project! To create an online ticketing platform that reflects the values of one of the greatest European clubs, we combined different efficient solutions. The idea was to offer the best user experience. This has been achieved thanks to different tools such as:

  • DT Consulting. Events management, seat availability, price and others. This solution makes management of the back office easier and allows the A.S. Monaco team to collect and centralize a lot of data.
  • Pacifa 3D. Are you planning to book a seat for the next match of A.S. Monaco? Thanks to this software, the structure of the stadium is now 3D modelized and choosing a seat feels like being in the stadium!

A.S. Monaco

An elegant e-boutique for A.S. Monaco!

If you are not afraid to be fashionable, let’s take a look at the new e-store! Jerseys, shorts, socks, polo… No matter where you are, in the city or on the field, it is time to adopt the Monegasque style!

The objective of this e-store was clear: how to develop a simple, efficient and seamless browsing experience to users and make them satisfied? To answer this question, our team used a magic tool called OpenField.

The e-store and the online ticketing platform are on the same website. We wanted to create an easy browsing between both of them. Today, thanks to the OpenField solution, users can log in with the same account on both platforms and keep all of their information on a unique account.

Clément, Project Manager at NewQuest.

A.S. Monaco


Extra time! We wanted to talk a little bit about CEGID, an ERP solution which is used for the e-store. It allowed us to centralize data: importation of products, stock, prices, exportation of orders. With this tool, NewQuest offers an ergonomic and easy-to-manage back office to the A.S. Monaco team. Always wondered how to better manage your e-shop thanks to ERP? Do not miss our article on the subject.

Now, you know everything about the new website of A.S. Monaco. A big thank you to the A.S. Monaco Team for their trust, it was such a great pleasure to work with you! We wish the club an exceptional soccer season with a lot of goals and trophies!

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