21 March 2014-Reading time : 2min

A new eCommerce experience: create personalised jewellery with MerciMerci

This week I am going to walk you through one of our recent project: the complete branding and crafting of the personalised eCommerce experience Merci Merci Website!

This is the perfect opportunity for once to put the spotlight on our designers who have worked hard in the shadow to bring Stephanie’s idea to live and make this concept shop an unique experience.

Discover by yourself all the small details hidden here and there on the site from the hand-crafted information icons to the customised social media, all inspired by the colourful fantasy jewellery and handmade accessories that Stephanie brings to Australia from Paris.


Merci Merci created the concept “Say it your way” which means you can fully personalise those little fantasy jewellery for a friend, a mother, a husband… Say it your way is your insurance of the perfect unique gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas… all occasions really!


Obviously the one biggest challenge for our team was to create an user-friendly way to personalise those gifts on the online store while making sure Stephanie was going to easily manage their crafting and all the pieces inventory. So we have created a fully integrated product configurator on top of Prestashop (open-source eCommerce solution). The type of tool that reveals your creativity and still allows Stephanie to run her business efficiently.
You can give it a go on Merci Merci and let us know your feedback in the comments below. You can also join the conversation and meet with Stephanie on the Merci Merci facebook page.

That’s it for this week but stay tune cause a big surprise is coming soon! Those of you that follow us on Facebook already add a hint last week 😉

The NQ team

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