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Hair Salon Solutions, the tool to change hairdresser’s lives!

Hair Salon Solutions is a service which is going to make a lot of people’s lives much easier. This Australian site, aimed at professional hairdressers, is ideal for managing all accountancy related day-to-day problems.

This support service manages a huge range of problems, and is even able to set up a marketing strategy. How perfect is that?! No more paperwork; from now on everything is digitalized and grouped together on the same platform.

Hairdressing professionals are freed up to focus on their core activity – much more enjoyable!Hair Salon Solutions


The NewQuest Australian team has worked on making the WordPress siteergonomic and user-friendly. In view of the activity of the site the objective was clear: lighten the load for hairdressing professionals.

The whole layout started with the logo…we were looking for consistency with a page layout which reflected the activity. The main colors used are natural shades close to dark brown or auburn.

The graphic designers have laid out the elements in blocks, in the same spirit as the logo, using gaps to give a more spacious and artistic design.

The home page opens with a large slider showing hairdressers, as well as several pictograms making the platform user-friendly with easy to understand features: time saving, economical, easy to use…you have everything to gain.

The NewQuest team has also taken special care over the questionnaire with the same aim of providing support to professional hairdressers.

The results are easy to see. You access information as easily as if you had an assistant, and the data is much more qualitative. Practical, don’t you think? The platform Hair Salon Solutions recognizes your needs so you’re guaranteed a fully adapted solution.

The site is responsive for navigation adapted to all devices.

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