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MSF – Child health in Mali

Providing medical assistance on a daily basis to populations whose lives or health is under threat: armed conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, exclusion from healthcare or malnutrition, wherever the solution requires medical resources and logistic solutions, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is at their side.

Independent of all political, military or religious authorities, MSF is an association which provides assistance to underprivileged populations thanks to private donations.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) contacted our agency NewQuest Australia, with the aim of raising awareness of malnutrition in the south of Mali.

Today, we are proud to present the result, a 100% responsive three format website, designed to tell the story of three children taken care of by teams from MSF, as well as having many other features enabling people to follow all the work and developments of MSF in Mali as they happen.

The home page opens on a wide slider, an autoplay video which presents the site and what comes next. By scrolling with the mouse and thanks to the use of AJAX technology, you immediately find yourself in the heart of the world of MSF and the care they give.


The originality is horizontal scrolling leading to smoother reading and making us want to know more about Youssouf, Tiemoko and Fatoumata, 3 children MSF looked after for a week and whose story is at the heart of the site.

Each story is presented like a mini-site, offering a wide variety of content: a map showing which center the child is treated in, high quality video to load or on autoplay, texts and animations on mouse-over.

For example, we learn that Youssouf, aged 7 months from Bouba in Mali has been diagnosed with a severe pulmonary infection. The MSF teams are taking care of him in the Koutiala Hospital Centre where he has received the necessary treatment.

The Live News page uses a technique specially developed by NewQuest which makes it possible to combine all the tweets about the health of the children in Mali (Child Health Mali)on the same page: also all the tweets which mention the hashtag #CHmali are grouped together on this Live News page interspersed with articles from blogs.

Thanks to this development it is possible to respond straight from this page or to retweet any message you select.

Lastly, the Gallery page displays a wide range of photos and videos sent directly from Doctors Without Borders in Mali. By using the top right button, you can filter the content and choose to display only the photos or the videos sorted by year.

A fine achievement by our Sydney agency much appreciated by the Communication Manager! 🙂

Not forgetting the special mention on the awwwards site!

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