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NewQuest becomes Sylius’ professional partner!

“Building a theme for your eCommerce store has never been so easy”, as it says on the Sylius website: one of the main reasons for today’s article!

Based in Poland, Sylius is an E-commerce Open Source framework using Symfony. Easy to learn and use, based on development by testing providing high-quality coding, Sylius benefits from excellent documentation supported by an active community (close to 500 contributors on GitHub, over 1,500 users on Slack and more than 17,000 commits). You might think it’s a detail, but for us…

To date, the Sylius framework and its components have been downloaded over 4 million times and are used by companies of all sizes, worldwide. Some impressive references, like Reiss, PopSugar or Best Value are also implemented on Sylius.

Long story short: it’s for these good reasons along with many others that today we are proud to announce that NewQuest has joined the Sylius’ team of professional partners!

Sylius for eCommerce


Symfony is an Open Source framework in French PHP, enabling the development of tailor-made web applications. The important international community ensures that projects developed in Symfony have strong flexibility and upgradability.


Since the beginning of NewQuest, we’ve been developing the majority of our work using CMS such as PrestaShop, Magento or WordPress.

We became aware of Sylius a few years ago: one of our clients had very specific needs and the traditional CMS couldn’t meet these requirements, notably in terms of performance and upgradability. It was when looking for a more modulable solution that we came across Sylius: a framework in the shape of a multitude of decoupled, easily configurable components for e-commerce. Bingo!

Today, this new partnership lets us carry out innovative experiments, opens up new perspectives and more closely meets certain needs arising from our clients’ demands.

By becoming a professional partner for Sylius, NewQuest has supplemented and broadened its technical scope.

Actually, a CMS is closer to a web application for managing and delivering website content. As long as the content is provided, the CMS creates and configures the web pages. No need to rethink the whole thing each time you make a modification, it’s possible to replace just the content.

Frameworks, on the other hand, are the basis of a development. They provide the tools which enable you to develop what you’re looking for more easily/quickly, they comply to a schematic organizational or architectural plan. Frameworks provide the basic functions, automate some tasks and have rules which must be obeyed.

Thus, Sylius is a solution more suited to off the beaten path e-commerce needs or suitable for sites which have a component which may be more easily integrated or coupled with the Symfony framework.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, the Sylius technology is built entirely from decoupled components, which means each function (product catalogue, shipping solutions, promotion system …) can be used by another application. In this way, even when using a framework other than Symfony, we are now able to offer all our clients certain components of Sylius.


Sylius for eCommerce


For 3 days, the founder of Sylius – in person, came to our premises in Chambéry to train part of our team. Three intense days during which we went into this solution more deeply and perfected our use of it.

And as always, if you’d like further information on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact our team!


Sylius for eCommerce

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