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SoftGaff Fishing, the world’s most accurate fishing tools!

SoftGaff develops, manufactures and markets a range of digital fishing tools and accurate fish measurement instruments for the global recreational fishing industry and tournament scene. Today we are very happy to present the new SoftGaff website, a dynamic showcase website made by the Newquest Team!

A nice family story!

SoftGaff’s product designs have materialized from John’s lifelong love of fishing, and have largely been due to the influences of his father, Ray, with whom John has always fished.
For many years – often while on the water – John initiated various product ideas. If they both agreed to develop an idea further, Ray would man the drawing board and John would write the first draft patent specifications.
From the true essence of recreational fishing, when a parent first teaches their child to fish, this father and son team has developed an innovative product range for the recreational and tournament fishing industry.

SoftGaff’s product range – existing products and those currently in development – have had international patent applications lodged to cover both the physical products, as well as the app technology and functionality. Currently, SoftGaff offers to its customers two products: the AccuMat™, an accurate fish-measuring device (available in meters or in inches) designed for recreational and tournament anglers and the AccuLog™ digital fishing app that records date, time, location of fish caught and many other features that you can discover by clicking here.

A professional website

By visiting softgaff.com, you will enter into the brand’s world illustrated by an elegant, sober and exclusive design! The website uses the principal colors of SoftGaff: yellow, black and white to highlight the professional side of the brand. At the top of the homepage, the NewQuest Team put a slider video where you can learn how SoftGaff products work. The website is made with WordPress and is 100% customizable: thus, the client can update the content and pictures whenever he wants!

Below the slider video, you will find a form where you can register for the SoftGaff Newsletter: select your fishing interest (freshwater, saltwater) and add your email address to receive special offers about your favorite fishing!

Also, by clicking on tabs such as “Products”, “Technology” or “About”, you will learn more about the company and the brand’s values through editorial content. In addition, click on the “News” tab and enjoy the SoftGaff blog and their Instagram wall!

SoftGaff’s homepage

WooCommerce: one of the best e-commerce platform for WordPress

The NewQuest Team chose to use the WordPress plugin called WooCommerce for the SoftGaff Store. Considered to be one of the best ecommerce platform for WordPress, WooCommerce offers mulitple features, like digital and physical products sale, inventory and shipping management, secure payments and auto-handling taxes, on top of additional functionalities to categorise products, apply sale prices at any time of the day and much more. This was definitely the most appropriate solution to answer all our client’s needs.

SoftGaff’s store using WooCommerce


A special thanks to Natalie and Ben of the SoftGaff Team. It was such a pleasure to work with you on this project and it’s not over yet! We are currently working on the SoftGaff App with a lot of new features for the fishing addicts! So, stay tuned!

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