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Timefy: the new website for urban watch lovers

In 2009 this website offering contemporary design watches, was the first to be set up in its field. It quickly became the leading e-retailer in online watch sales in France… Over the two years following the launch of Timefy, the site shot to the number 1 slot and the  community also grew to 10 000 fans in just 2 years, building a strong reputation in the sector.

People like the watches … and the site too!

In 2011, to keep right up to date, the site went through a major design shift; more streamlined and lighter, with a striking product presentation at the heart of the site. Above all, it was the beginning of new technical prowess with innovative features such as faceted search, a WordPress blog directly linked to Prestashop (yeah, really awesome back then :)) optimized filter options, all crafted to simplify searches from the home page on.

Now in 2016, we’re happy to present the V3 of Timefy, once again developed to follow both technical and design trends.

Here we go….

We’ve kept the streamlined look of the site while adding small touches of color to rank information and draw the eye to the key elements. Navigation is enhanced by contrasting typefaces. We have also used color ranking to make the blog and sales items stand out from other categories. The search box is still in the same place but simpler.

The major innovation? With the version 1.6 of PrestaShop, Timefy becomes 100% responsive design with simplified navigation for all devices.

On the homepage, social networks are blended into the home page: the latest photos posted on Instagram are reposted here, with the latest tweets and photos which you can click on to be redirected to the appropriate social networking site.



« Push » campaigns are managed by the e-retailer, who can display what he wants, where he wants. The product data sheets show large photos taken from every angle, customer reviews are in prime position whereas a few years ago they weren’t featured.

And as you’ve come to expect, the special touch from the NewQuest Team – a small clock in the top right of the header… telling you the time. What else from a site selling watches?!

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